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The World of Andromoteph in many ways is similar enough to ours. There are deserts, fields, forests, mountains, rivers and frozen tundras. The people face similar problems of life, though some of them involve fantastical creatures of myth and some of the people have Angel or Devil blood mixed in with human blood.

But this is a world where the sun never moves, the world sitting in place. A land where a sun blasted desert is constantly in the light, the heat of which boils away the very skin of those who venture too close. Where the dark side holds a cold so frigid breathing the very air can freeze lungs.

The roughly center of the planet holds a habitable ring where the majority of the planet’s inhabitants live. Approximately 200 miles at the widest, slimming down to a mere 20 at the smallest, the majority of the inhabitants are human, with a smattering of other races.

Fifty years ago, the world as known ended. A gate to the Nine Circles of Hell was opened and the flood of Devils began. Since then, the world has been in a fight for survival. One that they’re not winning. The Hellish forces have slowly pushed humanity out of most of the ring into the Northern most section of the world, a city known as Kazkazini. This is where our story begins.

Main Page

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